This week was a good week—probably one of the best I’ve had in a while. My clients were all out to Vegas for a sales-kick off clients so the volume of emails were cut down by two or three times (even though I still received hundreds). It felt like things were finally clicking and falling into place.

The “new girl” sign on my forehead is finally wearing off and I was even given a prestigious project. I will be planning a large product launch—big budgets and all that jazz. 

My friendships are better than ever. The besties and I are getting together for the Twins’ 25th birthday and it’s going to be balls to the wall fun.

The only aspect of my life that could be improved is shockingly enough, the love life. Boyfriend and I haven’t seen each other in a month and that tends to wear on any strong relationship. He’s back today so hopefully things can be mended.

I’ve made the decision a few weeks ago that I’m going to focus on me because I’ve been so spread thin between everything. :)

Let the games begin.