I will give somebody $1 to make it Friday already! I need the weekend!

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It’s Friday Kids!

I’ve been slacking on the posts lately but I’m so happy it’s Friday today after this long LONG week! Quick recap:

  • Tons of internal meetings because my role might change slightly (for the better)
  • 6AM Tues flight to Dallas for more meetings
  • Almost killed my director and me on the DFW highway—heels to the wheels baby!
  • Back Wed night straight to a client event
  • Managed to squish some serious Barre Bee Fit classes in this week regardless of the schedule (3-4)
  • Stupid stupid new people that I need to work with
  • Cubs game this Saturday (Pregame)
  • BigTen Bar Crawl all day Saturday in River North

Exhausting just typing it out! TGIF Kittens!



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